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Get Together

May 31 (Wed), 2023
Room Tsuru, 2F Hotel New Otani Makuhari *Onsite only
Dinner style:
Stand-up buffet
Participation fee:
Tickets are available through the online registration system. If you have already completed registration, you can apply for admission to the get together from
JSN2023 My Page.

* The reception is open to all meeting attendees and provides an opportunity for all to speak in an informal setting.

* Please note that we may stop providing meals and drinks due to the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

* We kindly ask for your cooperation in wearing a mask at all times except during meals.

* The Best presentation Award of the International Participants and the Best Oral Presentation Award (Clinical study / Basic research), and the Best Poster Presentation Award (Clinical study / Basic research) will be presented at the event.