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About on-demand streaming

The 64th Annual meeting of the JSN will be held as an on-site (and partially live- streaming) event in Chiba, Japan, May 31-June 3, 2023.
After the conference, on-demand streaming is scheduled as follows:

On-demand streaming schedule

June 15th (Thu.) 14:00(JST), 2023 – July 31st (Mon.), 2023

On-demand streaming programs

Sessions marked with on-demand streaming marks () in the schedule below are scheduled for on-demand streaming.
Please note that on-demand streaming will be partially available for designated sessions.

On-demand streaming programs

How to view on-demand streaming sessions

Those who have completed pre-registration for the 64th Annual Meeting (deadline at 15:00 on Saturday, June 3, 2023) may log in and view the on-demand streaming sessions.

Log in to On-demand streaming site

Important Notices

  • When viewing the on-demand streaming sessions, please be sure to read and agree to the "Terms of Use for Viewers" at the top of the login page.
  • Especially, the following behaviors are strictly prohibited in connection with your use of all User Content: unauthorized photographing, taking a screenshot on your device, or downloading to record or store any content, or reproducing any content on other websites.
  • Please refrain from transferring the ownership of your account, or sharing access to your account, to a third party.

Contact Information for On-demand streaming

Congress Secretariat

c/o Convention Linkage, Inc.
2 Sanbancho, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 102-0075, JAPAN