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Becoming an Overseas Member of The Japanese Neurological Society

The below information outlines the process to become, and the benefits to being a member of The Japanese Neurological Society.

I Joining

  • Membership to the society cannot be applied retroactively.
  • Applications made once the year has begun are required to pay the entire year's membership fee.
  • Membership becomes effective from the date payment is received.
  • Sponsorship by an existing member in good standing is required to join the society.

II How to Apply

  1. 1) Fill out a Membership Application (Word file).
  2. 2) After filling out all the required information, have your sponsor sign the application form.
  3. 3) Submit the completed form to the Society. Submissions can be made via e-mail or post. Applications may be submitted by either the applicant or the applicant's sponsor.
    *For electronic submissions, please attach the application as a PDF file.
  4. 4) You will be sent a link (via e-mail) to process payment of your membership fees by credit card once the society has received your application.
  5. 5) Your application will be fully processed once payment is confirmed. (Applications are usually processed within ___ days.)
  6. 6) You will receive your membership information once processing of your application has been completed.

III Membership Fees

$100 USD*
(*Membership fees are billed in yen and based on the exchange rate from $100 USD at the time of the application. As such, the actual amount charged may vary slightly.)
  • * The society's fiscal year runs from the beginning of April until the end of March the following year.
  • * You will be sent a new link to process payment by credit card for membership fees after the first year.

Payment Deadline: Last day of July.
Note: Membership will be rescinded in cases where payment has not been received for two years.

IV Membership Privileges

Members are granted the following privileges:

  • Access to the electronic version of the Society's magazine, "Clinical Neurology"
  • Access to the members-only section of the Society's homepage.
  • Ability to attend conferences and other events held by the Society.

For application submissions by mail:

The Japanese Society of Neurology (JSN)

Ichimaru-building, 2-31-21 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo,
113-0034 Japan
Phone: +81-3-3815-1080, Fax: +81-3-3815-1931
E-mail: jsn-office@gol.com