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Case Report

Unique visual symptom of amaurosis fugaxFa case report

Ayako Terashi, M.D.1), Tatsuro Takada, M.D.1) and Minoru Ajiki, M.D.1)

1) Department of Cerebrovascular Medicine, Teine Keijinkai Medical Center

We describe an unusual case of a 73-year-old man with amaurosis fugax. He had repeated transient monocular symptoms, one of which features lighting bolt-shaped glittering in the full visual field of the right eye since medical treatment for hypertension and diabetes mellitus started. A few days later, he felt difficulty in speech as well as sensory and motor disturbance in the left upper extremity, which finally brought him to our hospital. An MR scan unveiled subacute infarctions dotted in the right cerebral hemisphere and severe carotid stenosis on the same side with a delayed distal flow. He was hospitalised with diagnosed an ischemic stroke. Despite being treated with antithrombotic agents, he had suffered similar visual symptoms repeatedly and therefore, carotid artery stenting was performed on Day 16 starting from the onset. The right ophthalmic artery and choroidal crescent became depicted angiographically after our surgery had been completed. His visual disturbance has never appeared since then. Consequently, it is suggested that the optic disorders were attributed to a hemodynamically precarious state in the area of the ophthalmic artery.
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(CLINICA NEUROL, 62: 722|725, 2022)
key words: amaurosis fugax, carotid artery stenosis, hemodynamic theory, carotid artery stenting

(Received: 25-Feb-22)