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Social Events

Get Together

We are greatly looking forward to your participation!

May 22 (Wed), 2019
RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka, 3F "Royal Hall"
Ticket Cost:
3,000 yen
Tickets are available through the online registration system.
Tickets are available at the Overseas Registration Desk onsite as long as there's a seat available.

*This reception is open to all meeting attendees and provides an opportunity to meet fellow attendees in an informal setting with food, drinks and musical performances.

*The Best presentation Award of the International Participants and the Best Oral Presentation Award (Clinical study / Basic research), and the Best Poster Presentation Award (Clinical study / Basic research) will be presented at the event.

Attraction (Dance Performance)

Team: akanekikaku --"Bubbly Dance"

akane (Choreographer, Osaka Prefecture Tomioka High School Dance Department Coach) is a dance company composed of members including Tomioka High School Dance Department graduate. We will show off a dance "Bubbly Dance" performed Yoko Oginome's "Dancing Hero" with a song played in 1985 with a dressing reminiscent of the bubble era.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/Lxr9tvYUHcg