Rinsho Shinkeigaku (Clinical Neurology)

The 50th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Neurology

The study and development of a new automatic suction system (SS) of intratracheal sputa -We aim at the improvement of QOL of many patients with tracheostomy mechanical ventilation (TMV) and these family's member by this new autonomic SS-

Youichi Hokezu, M.D.1), Makoto Yamamoto, M.D2), Syuichi Tokunaga3), Makoto Niikura4), Keiji Nagamatsu, M.D5), Jun-ichi Kira, M.D6), Toshihide Fukunaga, M.D7), Kouji Shima, M.D8), Seiji Kikuchi, M.D8), Itaru Kimura, M.D9), Kiyohiko Kondo, M.D10), Teruhiko Mori, M.D11), Katumasa Goto, M.D11), Shigeru Takigami, M.D12), Keiichi Shioya, M.D13) and Minako Uehara, M.N14)

1)Departmen of Neurology, Oita Prefectural Hospital
2)Department of Internal Medicine, Oitakyowa Hospital
5)Nagamatsu Shinkeinaika Clinic
6)Department of Neurology, Neurological Institute, Kyushu University Graduate School of Medicine
7)Minami Kyusyu National Hospital
8)Sapporo Minami National Hospital
9)National Hospital Organization, Miyagi National Hospital
10)Department of Neurology, Yoka Hospital
11)Nishibeppu National Hospital
12)Takada Chuo Hospital
13)National Hospital Organization, Miyazaki Higashi Hospital
14)Oita Intractable Disease Medical Liaison Conference

In japan, many patients equipped with TMV are under medical treatment at home after 1990. These patients can't put out sputa in trachea, so that these patient's family members must suck these patient's intratracheal sputa all days. Mr Yamamoto and Mr Tokunaga, main researchers of this study, began the study on the automatic SS of itratracheal sputa from 1999. In first stage, They developed the intermittent SS in detaining the suction tube within tracheal cannula, monitering the intratracheal pressure, but this system takes the ventilation away from the patient. Hypoventilation caused by this SS may cause the serious accident in patient. Therefore, we remodel the SS from intermittent SS to rollerpomp-type SS continuing to suck the itratracheal sputa with low volume from 2004, and thereafter we made up the SS of piston pomp type-SS finally at 2007.
We developed the tracheal cannula with double suction holes of inner and lower hole in the lower part of its cannula together with the suction machine.
We think that the practical use of this automatic SS will bring these patients with TMV and their family members great benefits. We desire that the practical use of this SS will be realized as soon as possible.
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(CLINICA NEUROL, 49: 877|880, 2009)
key words: automatic suction system of itratracheal sputa, home mechanical ventilation, piston-type pomp on the automatic suction system, tracheal cannula with double suction holes of inner and lower hole in the lower part of its cannula

(Received: 21-May-09)