Rinsho Shinkeigaku (Clinical Neurology)

The 49th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Neurology

New therapeutic strategy for mitochondrial diseases

Yu-ichi Goto

National Institute of Neuroscience, NCNP

Mitochondrial diseases have a peculiar character of variability that expands from DNA, cell and tissue/organ levels to family/society level. These kinds of variability seem an obstacle to prevent us from developing new and effective therapies for this disease. Selective delivery system to mitochondria can make us get a promising new strategy to treat and prevent the disease. MITO-Porter may be a powerful system in which we can introduce a various kind of materials including DNA, RNA, enzyme and drugs to mitochondria in vivo.
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(CLINICA NEUROL, 48: 1016|1017, 2008)
key words: mitochondrial diseases, energy metabolism, reactive oxygen species, MITO-Porter

(Received: 17-May-08)