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Call for Abstract
∗Abstract Submission is closed.
The Scientific Committee of NEURO2014 invites submission of Scientific Abstracts.
Abstract Submission is available via the website until January 16, 2014.
If you are unable to submit your abstract via the website, please contact the Congress Secretariat neuro55@congre.co.jp.
English Session Information
During the meeting, each day at least in two (2) rooms, sessions will be held in English only.
The sessions include all fields of Neurology from educational lectures to cutting edge scientific research presentations.
However, for some educational (President and Plenary) lectures we will offer simultaneous interpretation services.
Abstract Submission Deadline
Noon, December 20, 2013 (Japan Standard Time)
Noon, January 10, 2014 (Japan Standard Time)
Noon, January 16, 2014 (Japan Standard Time)
Abstract Submission Guideline
1. There should be one abstract per first author. It is acceptable for co-authors to submit an abstract jointly. Multiple abstracts from one institution/facility are welcome.
2. Please select Oral or Poster Presentation.
3. Manuscript
E Abstract Title : Approximately 80 characters
E Abstract Body : Approximately 1,600 characters
*Title, authors and affiliations are not included.
E Language : English only
E Authors shall be 20 or less including the first author
*Please indicate only if the presenter is different from the first author.
E Total number of organizations is no more than 10, and the each name is up to around 20 Roman characters.
E All abstracts must be structured as follows :
1) Purpose
2) Methods
3) Results
4) Conclusion
The number of characters/letters that can be used in the main text of the abstract will vary depending on the length of the names of the presenter/co-presenters and affiliated organization. Please be sure to keep to the limits stated below (for English submissions the limit refers to single letter (one byte) characters) Abstracts should be no more than 1,600 characters in length. The total, including presenter/co-presenters names, affiliations, presentation title and abstract should be no more than 1,800 characters in length.
4. Category
1) Stroke
2) Dementia
3) Epilepsy and Headache
4) Neurodegeneration and movement disorders
5) Demyelinating diseases
6) Spinal cord and peripheral and autonomic nerve diseases
7) Muscle and neuromuscular junction diseases
8) Infections and other inflammation
9) Miscellaneous
5. Abstracts will be reviewed by the Program Committee. Please avoid writing the name of your affiliated organization in the main text of the abstract, to ensure fair review of abstracts.
6. With regard to abstract content that has the potential to conflict with the personal information of patients, please make your presentation after having gained the informed consent of the patient(s) or their proxy, and make due effort to avoid specifying any individuals in the abstract. It is prohibited to make a presentation that includes information which could specify an individual.
7. Final decision such as presentation style (oral or poster presentation) will be made by the chairman of the congress.
8. All abstracts accepted by the Scientific Committee will be published in the Annual Meeting edition of the Clinical Neurology journal.
9. The author is required to report applicable COI (Conflict of Interest) by completing the "Conflict of Interest Disclosure" part in the Abstract Submission process.
10. The registration ID number and password are automatically generated, and sent to the first author by E-mail.
You can view/edit/delete abstract at any time until the final deadline (December 20, 2013).
Three abstracts will be honored in both "Best Oral Presentation Award" and "Best Poster Presentation Award".
Travel Grant
The Japanese Society of Neurology encourages neurologists in other countries to submit abstracts on clinical studies and basic research in the oral and poster presentation. If Travel grant is approved, part of travel expenses and registration fee of the Congress will be covered by the Society.
After confirming the instructions below, please choose gapplyh when you submit the abstract.
Deadline of application for Travel Grant
January 16, 2014.
To applicants
1. Neurologists or neurology residents applied from other countries other than Japan and neurologists or neurology residents studying or working in Japan are eligible. Only one abstract per applicant is acceptable.
2. Applications are accepted only through online registration.
3. A applicant must be the first author and presenter of the submitted abstract.
4. The Society will cover maximum 100,000 Japanese yen of your travel fee for 100 attendants travelling from other countries other than Japan. The Society will cover maximum 50,000 Japanese yen of your travel fee for 50 attendants studying or working in Japan. The congress registration fee for applicants will be discount price of 3,000 Japanese yen. Please note that complimentary accommodation will not be offered, and all arrangement of applicant's transportation to the venue and accommodation during the congress period will be applicant's responsibility.
5. Please note that the applicant will be responsible for meeting visa requirements and processing the visa for entry to Japan. Please check the details of visa requirements at the page of Visa application.
6. Reviewing result will be announced individually by E-mail.
Abstract Submission (View/Edit/Delete)
Abstract Submission (View/Edit/Delete)
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