Rinsho Shinkeigaku (Clinical Neurology)

Committee Report

Current and future strategies for burnout in Japanese neurologists

Takayoshi Shimohata, M.D., Ph.D.1), Makoto Kubo, Ph.D., Ph.D. (Psychology)2), Ikuko Aiba, M.D., Ph.D.3), Nobutaka Hattori, M.D., Ph.D.4), Kazuto Yoshida, M.D., Ph.D.5), Yoshiko Unno, M.D., Ph.D.6), Kazumasa Yokoyama, M.D.4), Takashi Ogawa, M.D.4), Yumiko Kaseda, M.D., Ph.D.7), Ryoko Koike, M.D., Ph.D.8), Yuko Shimizu, M.D., Ph.D.9) , Yoshio Tsuboi, M.D., Ph.D.10), Manabu Doyu, M.D., Ph.D.11), Sonoko Misawa, M.D., Ph.D.12), Takafumi Miyachi, M.D., Ph.D.13), Tatsushi Toda, M.D., Ph.D.14), Atsushi Takeda, M.D., Ph.D.15) and Committee for Career Development Promotion, Japanese Society of Neurology

1)Department of Neurology, Gifu University Graduate School of Medicine
2)Faculty of Policy Studies, Doshisha University
3)Department of Neurology, National Hospital Organization Higashinagoya National Hospital
4)Department of Neurology, Juntendo University School of Medicine
5)Department of Neurology, Japanese Red Cross Society Asahikawa Hospital
6)Department of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Medicine, Kyorin University School of Medicine
7)Department of Neurology, Hiroshima City Rehabilitation Hospital
8)Department of Neurology, National Hospital Organization Nishiniigata Chuo Hospital
9)Department of Neurology, Tokyo Women's Medical University School of Medicine
10)Department of Neurology, Fukuoka University
11)Department of Neurology, Aichi Medical University School of Medicine
12)Department of Neurology, Chiba University Graduate School of Medicine
13)Department of Neurology, National Hospital Organization Yanai Medical Center
14)Department of Neurology, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo
15)Department of Neurology, National Hospital Organization Sendai Nishitaga Hospital

To identify factors associated with burnout among Japanese physician and to use them in future measures, the Japanese Society of Neurology conducted a survey of neurologists on burnout using a web-based questionnaire in October 2019. A total of 1,261 respondents, 15.0% of the 8,402 members, responded to the survey. The mean of the subscales of the Japanese Burnout Scale was 2.86/5 points for emotional exhaustion, 2.21/5 points for depersonalization, and 3.17/5 points for lack of personal accomplishment. In addition, the burnout of our country's neurologists is not related to workloads such as working hours and the number of patients in charge, but also to a decreased meaningfulness and professional accomplishment. Therefore, it is necessary to take comprehensive measures to improve these issues at the individual, hospital, academic and national levels.
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(CLINICA NEUROL, 61: 89|102, 2021)
key words: burnout, physician, emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, lack of personal accomplishment

(Received: 25-Aug-20)