Rinsho Shinkeigaku (Clinical Neurology)

Symposium 16

Atrial fibrillation and cardiembolic stroke. Treatment and issue in acute phase

Masahiro Yasaka

Cerebrovascular Medicine, Kyushu Medical Center

In addition to the general treatment, rt-PA intravenous thrombolysis, intraarterial thrombolysis, brain protecting therapy with edaravone, glycerol treatment against brain edema, and immediate anticoagulant therapy should be considered in acute phase of cardioembolic stroke. The rt-PA intravenous thrombolysis within three hours of onset is recommended in acute stroke patients who meet criteria for the therapy. Because the efficacy of immediate anticoagulation in acute cardioembolic stroke has not been established yet, it depends on balance of risk and benefit in each patient whether immediate anticoagulant therapy should be commenced or not. When we start anticoagulation with warfarin, heparin which has rapid action should be administered at the same time until PT-INR increases into therapeutic range to avoid acute recurrent stroke. However when we start with dabigatran which has rapid action, heparin is usually not required.
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(CLINICA NEUROL, 51: 1001|1003, 2011)
key words: cardioembolic stroke, atrial fibrillation, rt-PA thrombolysis, warfarin, dabigatran

(Received: 19-May-11)