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Relationship between cardiac 123I-metaiodobenzylguanidine scintigraphy and cardiovascular autonomic function test (standing test) in Parkinson's disease

Hideki Doi, M.D.1)2), Yuki Niimi, M.D.1), Yasuhiro Hasegawa, M.D.1)3), Shigeru Miwa, M.D.1), Tomoko Yamana, M.D.1), Susumu Takagi, M.D.1)4), Akira Takahashi, M.D.5) and Gen Sobue, M.D.2)

1)Department of Neurology, Higashi General Hospital of Nagoya
2)Department of Neurology, Nagoya University School of Medicine
3)Department of Neurology, Nagoya Daini Red Cross Hospital
4)Jousai General Hospital of Nagoya
5)Department of Neurology, Tokai Central Hospital

We investigated the correlation between results of 123I-metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) myocardial scintigraphy and those of cardiovascular autonomic function tests in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD). 123I-MIBG myocardial scintigraphy and a 5-minute standing test were performed in 50 patients with PD and in 19 control subjects. The value of the basal plasma noradrenaline (NA) level was used as an index of basal sympathetic nerve activity, and %NA was used to assess the response of sympathetic nerve activity. In addition, the parameters of Δ BP and Δ HR were evaluated to assess the autonomic response of the cardiovascular system. A mild, but significant correlation was observed between the myocardium to mediastinum (H/M) ratio and the values of the plasma NA baseline (r=0.35, p<0.05 in early image, r=0.29, p<0.05 in delay image). No significant correlation was observed between the H/M ratio and the other parameters (%NA, Δ BP, Δ HR). These results suggest that 123I-MIBG myocardial scintigraphy may be associated with the basal sympathetic nerve activity, but not with autonomic nervous response of the cardiovascular system in patients with PD.
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(CLINICA NEUROL, 48: 56|59, 2008)
key words: Parkinson's disease, MIBG myocardial scintigraphy, standing test, noradrenaline, autonomic nerve

(Received: 7-Apr-07)